Top 5 Items Under $20 I Can't Live Without

Stuck At Home? These 5 Items Will Make Your Day

The Covid 19 Pandemic has everyone out of sorts and there's a lot to worry about. Having your tried and true, go to items with you at home can bring some semblance of normalcy. Since so many are on tight budgets right now I thought I'd keep my list to items under $20 that, come to find out, I can't live without.

#5 Amazon Music. It's way under $20 since it comes with your Prime membership. They curated a "Virtual Hug" playlist that has been my go to for the last month or more. Here's a few of the highlights from the playlist: Bill Withers "Lovely Day", U2's "Beautiful Day", Dolly Parton's "The Light of a Clear Blue Morning" and the iconic "Rise Up" by Andra Day. Music changes up the atmosphere of a room and when you've been stuck in the same four walls for weeks on end music is a life saver.

#4 Coffee. A typical day, several days a week, included a trip to Starbucks. Ground coffee and my trusty Cuisinart coffee maker have saved the day during these days at home. A cup made at home costs way under the $5 I would typically spend on a tall flat white made with almond milk. Ground Pike's Place has been a welcome substitute and at my house we often make a couple of pots a day. Can't live without it!

#3 Trader Joe's Tempura Cauliflower. I don't know about you but I have had major Chinese food and sushi withdrawal lately. This delicacy from TJ's isn't a forever replacement but it has filled the bill for now. It's so good. I can't wait to be noshing on my favorite dishes from the place down the street but until then (which will hopefully be soon) Tempura Cauliflower to the rescue!

#2 Plastic Kiddie Pool. I don't know about your pets but even my dog is bored these days. Filling up the little pool for her to splash around in has been a source of fun for her and entertainment for us. And yes we put our feet in too while we're hanging out with her.

#1 My Writing Journal. Yep I am a full fledged writing geek and that has included writing in my journal. I started writing in a journal I bought at TJ Maxx in the clearance aisle for $2.99 8 weeks ago when things started to get a little funky out there in the world. My challenge was to write each day in 2 week streaks. It's interesting to me to see how different things can be and how much things can change over the course of a 2 week period. My expectation was that these streaks would come to an end and things would be somewhat back to normal. unfortunately that has not been the case. Here I am all these weeks later and Covid 19 is still rearing it's ugly head in so many communities in a big way. I don't know when it will end, what I do know is that it will be amazing to have the daily chronicles of the 2020 pandemic.

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