Would some awesome content help you grow your business?

Do you have a website that needs updating but you don't have the time? 

Are your email marketing campaigns in need of improvement?

Is the training you are delivering not as impactful as it could be? 

A professional writer can help!

I am a freelance writer who is ready to go to work for you now.


Check out samples of my work: https://www.wendyiswriting.com/samples

Skilled and published in real estate industry publications, women's magazines, blogs, press releases, and newsletters. My expertise includes, but is not limited to: real estate, technology, leadership, coaching, good habit development, parenting, decluttering and minimalism, food, and travel.

See a list of services here: https://www.wendyiswriting.com/services

No project or job is too big or too small!


Writing is a longtime infatuation of mine, freelancing is a way to dig in and work at every day as I take on new writing projects. 

As a transplant from Massachusetts to Florida it's great to live in paradise.

When I am not writing I am reading, beaching it, paddleboarding, hanging out with my husband, kids, and my pup. My kids say they think I love the dog more than them some days!

Thanks for checking out my services.

Please contact me with any project requests, I'll happily supply you with a quote and prompt service.

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